Holiday eBook Giveaway!

In the spirit of the holidays, we are giving a gift to all our Facebook fans: a free eBook copy of The Tale of Telsharu!

Simply visit our Facebook page, The Tales of the Seventh Empire (‘like’ the page while you’re there!) to get the download code and instructions. Hurry, though, the giveaway only lasts until Friday the 13th!

Feel free to spread the holiday cheer, this gift is for one and all!


Now Available!!!

The Scourge of Narak is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!Scourge Cover

Currently, only paperback copies are available. Ebook versions will follow in the coming months. We will have a limited number of signed hardcover editions available soon; if you are interested in purchasing one of these hardcover copies when they become available, please contact us directly via email: mechlingstubbs{at}

We will be having a local book signing on Wednesday, December 4th from 7:30-8:30pm at the Orem Public Library. We will have a limited number of copies available for sale at the signing. But if you purchase your copy on Amazon, you can start reading, and we’ll sign it for you on the 4th!

For the most up-to-date information on our books and upcoming events, be sure to like our Facebook page!

Coming Soon!

We have met some unexpected delays in the release of Book Two. However, THE SCOURGE OF NARAK is coming soon! If you have not yet connected with us on Facebook, we encourage you to do so. That is where you will find the most up-to-date information about our books. In the next couple of weeks, we will also be having some fun giveaways, which you won’t want to miss out on! Click here to find The Tales of the Seventh Empire on Facebook.

We can’t wait to share the further adventures of the Seventh Empire with you!

Looking at proofs!

I have discussed in the past how much I enjoy looking at proofs of our book(s). It’s almost as exciting as holding the finished copy in my hands. Seeing the polished front and end matter, looking at the beautiful cover…it’s immensely satisfying. So…today is a happy day. :)

We are ramping up toward the November release of The Scourge of Narak! Check back for more updates, as well as some fun giveaways!

Revealing: The Scourge of Narak cover art!

We’re ramping up toward Comic Con this weekend, where pre-orders for Buk Tu will be available for the first time! With that great news, we are excited to be able to share with you the cover art for The Scourge of Narak.


Scourge Cover

We are very excited about the upcoming release of The Scourge of Narak, which has been set for November 1st. The first opportunity to pre-order your copy will be at Salt Lake Comic Con this weekend, but we anticipate that pre-orders will be available to the general public very soon. Check back for updates!

Book Two Update!

The Scourge of Narak: Book Two of the Tales of the Seventh Empire is scheduled to be released this fall. We are very excited to share the news!

The next few months will be busy for us, preparing for the release. Right now we’re waiting with baited breath to see drafts of the artwork (cover art and interior maps), which we should see in the next couple of weeks. We are looking forward to watching the artwork progress over the summer. After that will come proof copies for final copyedits. Once those are done, the book goes to print!

Leading up to the book release there will be several giveaways and exciting events. We will keep you posted as we get closer!

Cool moments + Cover Art concepts

A couple of cool moments from this weekend—

First, while signing books at the mall yesterday, I had the chance to talk with a family who all read fantasy together. Dad reads the books out loud to all the kids, Mom has to stop herself from reading ahead in secret, and the kids all have a certain degree of enthusiasm for the practice. First of all, it made me decide on the spot that I’m going to read fantasy novels aloud to my children. But the really cool thing was when the father asked for our email address. Turns out one of the daughters, who is 12, is an aspiring writer. This was the highlight of my afternoon, because I remember being that girl. My parents, in like manner, tried to connect me with other authors and publishing people when I was that age. I was tickled to be able to turn around and potentially be a mentor to aspiring writers coming up.

Second exciting thing came yesterday evening. Sam and I got to Skype with our editor last night, and go through some of the preliminary edits. Every time this part of the process comes, I forget how intensive it is. But for the most part it was all agreeable, and we had a good discussion. The really cool part was talking with our editor about the cover art, which is in process. He was able to share with us some of the concepts, and we were told that we should be able to see some mockups here shortly.

Cover art is one of my favorite parts of the publishing process. I am not a visual artist by any means (as in, I can barely draw stick figures). I even have difficulty conceptualizing things in a visual manner, I am far more likely to express them in words. Seeing our story–a world and characters that previously existed only in our collective imagination–take shape in a visual form is fascinating. It helps that our cover artist is fantastic! I am ridiculously excited to see what she produces for Buk Tu.