The Tale of Telsharu

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About The Tale of Telsharu:

Telsharu the Cursed has escaped from his hundred-year imprisonment with renewed determination to end the tyrannical rule of the emperor, the ‘Divinely-Chosen One.’ As Telsharu travels toward the Imperial City to assassinate the emperor, he leaves destruction in his wake.

Out of the ensuing chaos, three unlikely heroes emerge—

Daryun yearns for the peace of his remote village and his young wife, but is impelled to return to his life as an itinerant swordsman, to fight for that peace.

Xansul, young aristocrat, and leader of a secret insurrection against the despotic emperor, struggles for freedom and justice. But he may have to surrender both to confront a greater evil.

ShianMai, fiercely loyal to her father, the emperor, discovers his flaws too late as Telsharu’s threat draws ever nearer to her family and her home.

These three extraordinary heroes must decide whether to fight their own adversaries, or together withstand the legendary forces—early and unearthly—that threaten to tear the very fabric of their world apart.

Set in the Seventh Empire, an imaginary Asian land rich with history, martial arts, and distinctive culture, the story culminates in an epic battle: with tyranny on one hand, and anarchy on the other.

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What are people saying about The Tale of Telsharu?

“…The action is riveting…The descriptions and world-building are beautiful and imaginative. The characters are likable, hateable, and everything in between…” —A. Henrie

“…the way the characters were deftly woven into a complex mesh of conflict and divided loyalties was magnificent… reach[ing] deep to find those key motivations, the emotions and beliefs, that push them to make their best and worst decisions: jealousy, selfishness, hatred, zeal, dedication, love.” —R. Castleburg,

“…I find myself waiting impatiently for the next book to be published to see where Valerie Mechling and Samuel Stubbs take this vivid landscape they have created.” —C. Van Allen,

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