The Scourge of Narak

The Scourge of Narak, Book Two of the Tales of the Seventh Empire, is now available!

Scourge Cover

Now available!

About The Scourge of Narak:

Telsharu the Cursed has achieved his goal. The Seal broken, legions of demons from Narak flood the Imperial City, possessing the bodies of human beings and rampaging through the city. Demons threaten to scourge the Seventh Empire.

The emperor’s daughter ShianMai is now a refugee. With new adversaries—and new romance—all around, ShianMai must decide what role she will take as Narak encroaches.

Facing the destruction of the empire, Xansul and Daryun seek aid from the only force that might be able to stop the demons. Seeking the Guardians of old, Xansul and Daryun traverse the empire, hoping help will not come too late.

Telsharu resides in the Imperial City as the governor of demons. He seeks to consolidate his new position and discover further sources of power left in the empire.

In The Scourge of Narak, the sequel to The Tale of Telsharu, Valerie Mechling and Samuel Stubbs delve deeper into the world of the Seventh Empire, exploring the rich culture, discovering new martial arts, and weaving a compelling tale of courage, friendship, leadership and sacrifice that will leave readers craving the final installment.

Haven’t read the first book yet? Read a free excerpt from The Tale of Telsharuclick here!

Purchase The Scourge of Narak from the following vendors:

The Scourge of Narak @ AmazonThe Scourge of Narak @ B&N


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