50,000 words closer!


Here in the waning hours of National Novel Writing Month, I have claimed my victory!


This month has been a challenge. There have been a lot of days when I just haven’t wanted to write, or when I felt creatively drained. Obviously, looking at my stats, some days were vastly more productive than others.

That said, I wrote every day. (Except Sundays, when I don’t work.) Even if it was just a couple hundred words, I sat down and worked on our book every day. And that is huge for me. I am finally rebuilding the writer’s habits I lost when my babies came along.

My task now is to continue this habit. I’m taking tomorrow off (I desperately need to address the housework I’ve been neglecting this month!) but on Friday, work recommences. I commit to writing, at least a little, every day (with the exception of Sundays and holidays =D ) until Buk Tri is complete.

We are excited to finish soon!


About vmech
Writer, Taekwondo instructor, and adoption advocate. Author of THE TALE OF TELSHARU and THE SCOURGE OF NARAK.

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