Rapid production

I read an interesting blog post this morning from Jody Hedlund, in which she discussed the notion that writers have to produce at minimum 2 books per year in order to have any hope of making a living from their writing. I’ve heard this or similar thoughts from several sources in the last few months, and it’s had me thinking.

I believe it’s the dream of many aspiring writers to be able to write full time and support themselves thusly. Certainly I’ve had a similar dream in the past. If you’d have asked me when I was 13 what I wanted to be when I grew up, I’d absolutely have responded that I was going to be a full-time author.

But even for a full-time author, producing 2 or more full-length works in a year can be a challenge, while maintaining a modicum of quality. I mean, I can crank out a 150k-word novel in 3-4 months, even with a full-time job. The time-consuming parts are the revisions and editing that ensue in order to bring the novel up to snuff. I look at Brandon Sanderon’s labors with the Wheel of Time, and the incredible effort he is expending to finish Robert Jordan’s epic, to meet the expectations of a generation of readers. It’s an overwhelming example of the work involved.

Sam and I have many stories to tell (after all, he is the endless fount of ideas) and we will write them will all speed and diligence. But the most important thing for us will always be quality. We hope to create works that you will enjoy and treasure, that will be a worthy investment of your time and resources. And for that, we will take whatever time is necessary.


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Writer, Taekwondo instructor, and adoption advocate. Author of THE TALE OF TELSHARU and THE SCOURGE OF NARAK.

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