Brainhurts and brainstorms

If you missed my Twitter updates, it might be news to you that I got a concussion last week. It was just an accident during one of my taekwondo classes. But it was a doozy. I’ve had concussions before, but this one was something else. I was majorly disoriented for several hours, and still minorly disoriented for about three days afterward, with accompanying dizziness as well. I’m still getting headaches, although fortunately they’re getting shorter and less intense as time goes on. Needless to say, my writing productivity was pretty limited for awhile. I’m finally getting back into the normal swing of things, which is a relief. It was pretty scary to feel like my brain wasn’t working properly.

This evening, Sam and I had a writing/brainstorming session. I’m seriously considering the purchase of a recording device of some kind. I have occasionally recorded our sessions on my laptop, but that eats my battery pretty fast, and sometimes I just forget. Regardless, I wish I had a recording of our conversations this evening. Although there was a fair amount of silliness, and apparently fried bananas and ice cream are now the lifeblood of our creative universe, there was also a great deal of new–and incredible–ideas.

I wish each of you had the opportunity to listen to Sam when he’s in a creative moment. Especially writers, readers, and storytellers. I sincerely believe that Sam has to be one of the most creative people in the world. He’s a humble man, and always quick to give me the majority credit for our work. But I will always assign him very high value, because he is the fount of ideas from which all our stories spring. He has an incredible gift.

Maybe some time, I’ll record one of these moments. I would enjoy sharing it with you, so you could get just a hint of our creative process. Of Sam’s creative process, really, because he’s the idea generator. All our greatest moments are his. I just write.

PS: Buk Tu is shaping up nicely. We’re on track to have a draft to our beta readers by June 1, which hopefully means a completed manuscript by the end of summer. :)


About vmech
Writer, Taekwondo instructor, and adoption advocate. Author of THE TALE OF TELSHARU and THE SCOURGE OF NARAK.

3 Responses to Brainhurts and brainstorms

  1. Joy Stubbs says:

    Valerie, we’re so sorry to hear about your head injury :o( Hope you’ll continue to get better; we’ll remember you in our prayers.
    Thank you for your kind and complimentary comments about Sam… As a parent, it’s always nice to know that others recognize and appreciate the talents and gifts of our children :o) And, I’d love to sit in on your some of your brainstorming sessions!
    But, I hope you know that you are also very talented and gifted; you’re not someone who “just” writes!!!

  2. vmech says:

    Thank you, Joy! You should definitely sit in on our writing sessions…although I think you might shake your head at some of our silliness!

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