O, how easily life doth be consumed!

It certainly has been awhile. I don’t have a long post in me today. The first half of my Black Belt Testing is tomorrow, and is likely to last 6 or 7 hours. I’ve been completely swamped preparing for it–and making sure my students are prepared as well. Add that to my personal life, my family life, the regular demands of my job, etc., and you can surely imagine what life has been life.

However, my thought today is that it’s far, far too easy to let the demands of life take over, and neglect our writing. One of my strongest writing beliefs is that a writer does not write when it’s convenient, or when they have time. A writer always writes.

This is something I’ve been failing at for some time now. I have let my life, my time, and my energy be consumed by other things. My writing has suffered.

I’m going to clear the hurdle of this first phase of Black Belt Testing, and then recommitment is the name of the game. Expect more posts, expect some excerpts, expect news of upcoming projects. No matter what life has to throw at me next, I am a writer, and therefore my writing shall be a priority.


About vmech
Writer, Taekwondo instructor, and adoption advocate. Author of THE TALE OF TELSHARU and THE SCOURGE OF NARAK.

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