Book Release Approacheth

Traitor’s Gate is scheduled to be released next month. Just saying that makes me a little jittery. It seems so close, yet there’s still so much to be done and determined. Things are happening fast now, and I am eager to see how events unfold.

Things I am most excited about, coming up soon:

1. Seeing the Cover Art

2. Seeing the interior art

3. Seeing the final galley proofs

4. Well…seeing the whole thing coming together, holding it in my hands, and sharing it with everybody I know!

I have to admit that I am really interested in the artwork. Of course, Sam and I have discussed concepts with our editor, but this is something that I really don’t have much to do with. I consider myself an artist, but certainly not of the visual-art-variety. Cover art, interior art…those things are completely beyond my frame of reference. And yet…these are things that come from MY work. How will someone else interpret what is essentially a creation of my mind, and Sam’s? How will our words be reinvented, visually? And what will it express to potential readers?

I am very eager to see what springs forth. Hopefully we will soon have a version to post here for all to see–and spread! The weeks are sure to fly by until the book is out. For now, work on the next project continues!


About vmech
Writer, Taekwondo instructor, and adoption advocate. Author of THE TALE OF TELSHARU and THE SCOURGE OF NARAK.

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